Where can I find an 89113 Laser Dentist?

One of the most significant advances in modern dentistry has been the development of dental laser technology. The use of lasers makes procedures such as periodontal treatment and dental fillings more comfortable and efficient, and they are increasingly being used to treat tooth decay, to perform biopsies or remove oral lesions, to cure restorative materials and to activate in-office teeth whitening. Here at Rhodes Ranch Dental, Dr. Darren Loveland and his team are proud to offer advanced technology to our patients, including 89113 laser dentist treatment.

89113 Laser Dentist

A dental laser utilizes a concentrated beam of light that provides extraordinary precision and accuracy. That level of precision makes the laser extremely useful when used to remove diseased tissues, since it can effectively clean the area without harming any of the surrounding healthy tissue. It also creates a sterile environment and cauterizes the tissue around the affected area, which accelerates the healing process and makes for a quicker and easier recovery time for patients. Unlike many conventional approaches to care, treatment with a dental laser can also reduce the need for local anesthesia. This is because treatment with a laser usually requires no direct contact to the tooth or gum tissues to provide a more gentle experience than more conventional approaches to care.

As a trusted 89113 laser dentist, we pride ourselves on using the latest advances in dental technology to make treatment as precise and comfortable as possible. With laser dentistry as well as other leading edge approaches to care, the skilled and compassionate team at Rhodes Ranch Dental makes every visit with us a more stress-free and positive experience. Contact your 89113 laser dentist today to learn how you can benefit from the laser dentistry as well the many other outstanding services provided by Rhodes Ranch Dental!

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